Throughout my life as a professional firefighter I have always put service before self. I will bring that same honor and dignity to the sacred duty of representing our children, teachers and citizens while serving the Board of Education in Alamance County. I will always lead with openness, honesty, and with utmost integrity. I will always put the best interest of our students first by serving them and NOT the political system.


Advocate for Additional School Safety Measures in ABSS.

Safety of our children should and will always be paramount.

Advocate for more Vocational and Trade programs in ABSS.

We need to promote Trade and Vocational courses with the same energy as College (prep) courses. Not every child is geared for a college degree and we must be willing to create as many career opportunities as possible that will allow our students the freedom to choose the path that’s best for them.

Advocate for those that may have academic challenges, health conditions and other disabilities.

We need to ensure that proper resources are provided for our students and teachers in order to be successful in the classroom.

Advocate for our Teachers and bring a supportive voice to the table.

We must be willing to show our teachers the appreciation they deserve and let them know they truly matter. Our teachers need to know and be shown they have total support from their leadership. We must truly create an open-door policy, free of retaliations and work tirelessly to improve morale inside our classrooms.